About Us

Wuxi ABK Machinery Co.Ltdis a professional manufacturer who designs, produces, sales kinds of metal processing machinery and equipment in China. Established in 1999, our company has more than twenty years of producing and exporting experience. In order to reach good quality level in each production stage, we have purchased materials and components from the most professional manufacturers.
Main products include machine tool, metal forming machinery, metal cutting machinery, plate bending machinery, plate processing machinery, tube processing machinery, profile processing machinery, welding equipment and so on.
We have advanced processing equipment. With the help of modern computer and high performance machine tools, we can not only complete designers' clever design ideas, but also ensure precise and excellent quality of our products. In addition, our company can customize products according to customers' requirements.
Our company can provide CE, CO, FORM A, FORM E and other mechanical products export certificates.
1. Quality assurance system
We in order to achieve customer satisfaction, to ensure that customer needs and expectations are determined, as “strict management, sophisticated, high-quality service and customer satisfaction, continuous improvement, sustainable development” to the quality policy. Realization of a product from the design, control and manufacturing process control, inspection and control until the equipment leave factory, installation, service throughout the entire process of the control. Quality system strictly implement the “quality manual” “program files” “job files” and a variety of technical standards, management standards, enterprise custom standards and regulations. The product quality really realize the full-crew, full processing control.
2. Important outsourcing quality assurance program
Select after evaluation of qualified suppliers as incoming channels; According to the plan, purchase contract, quality requirements, technical standards, acceptance criteria for procurement; From the company's quality control department at the supplier site, or at the supplying party scene, our company site acceptance verification before release into production.
Our company's products are exported to more than 40 countries and regions.
Our company's products include eight categories:
1. Machine Tool
2. Metal Forming Machinery
3. Metal Cutting Machinery
4. Plate Bending Machinery
5. Plate Processing Machinery
6. Tube Processing Machinery
7. Profile Processing Machinery
8. Welding Equipment
Applied for cutting, forming, processing, bending and welding various metal materials.
Our company currently focuses on the design, production and sales of automation products and production lines. Improve production efficiency and reduce labor costs.
After-sales service
After acceptance, in 12 mouths warranty, if the problem due to the design and manufacture, will resolve by the supplier. In the device warranty, suppliers of equipment need to provide maintenance services on a timely basis, free of charge on non-human caused damage of all kinds of components, free replacement should be timely, the replacement warranty from the date of replacement. The warranty period if the equipment appears the breakdown, suppliers at short notice to buyer's 24-hour response,
free maintenance.
Post-warranty equipment failure, supplier upon receipt of notification from the buyer within 24 hours to respond, the maintenance charge will include the cost of spare parts,the fly tickets of our engineers and pay for USD100.00/one day/one person. All parts, spare parts, attachments, ensure supply for all life of the equipment. Once spare parts stop the production must inform the buyer in advance of three months. For this matter, the supplier shall provide drawings and technical data for processing to buyer freely, in order to ensure the follow-up of the spare parts supply.
Workpeice process
Our company can process all kinds of workpeices according to provided drawings.
Installation and setting;
Manufacturer is in charge of the machines installation & commissioning. User is request for in charge of the round tickets & boarding & necessary salary of the engineers.
Transport service
Our company provides all kinds of transport trade types: EXW, FOB, CIF, CFR, DDP and so on.
Our company can provide brand machines OEM service.