Metal Spinning Machine

The metal spinning machine rotates the blank and the core by the main shaft, and then applies pressure to the rotating blank by the rotary wheel. Due to the rotary motion of the spindle of the metal spinning lathe and the longitudinal and lateral feed motion of the tool, this local plastic deformation gradually spreads over the entire blank, thereby obtaining hollow rotary body parts of various shapes. Metal spinning machine is mostly used to form open-cut work pieces, and the diameter of the forming end is larger than that of other parts, so that the spin-formed part can be removed from the core. If a closed-form work piece is required, the work piece needs to be spin-formed and the parts welded together to form the desired shape. The ideal spin-forming materials include aluminum, copper, brass, bronze, silver, and mild steel.


1. Metal spinning machine spinning process belongs to local continuous processing, the instantaneous deformation zone is small, and the total deformation force is small.

2. Some complicated parts or difficult to deform materials, traditional crafts are difficult or even impossible to process, can be processed by spinning, such as pulleys, lighting accessories.

3. The tolerance of metal spinning lathe can reach IT8, the surface roughness is less than 3.2, and the strength and hardness are significantly improved.

4. The utilization rate of metal spinning machine processing materials is high, and the mold cost is lower than one-fifth of that of stamping die. The economics of spinning forming are related to the production of batch workpiece structure equipment and labor costs. Most processing spin processing With the processing of stamping, shearing, ultrasonic cleaning, electroplating and other processes to achieve the best economic benefits.

5. The metal spinning lathe shape that can be spin-processed can only be a rotating body, mainly barrel-shaped, circular vertebra, curved-branched and combined.

6. Suitable materials are: iron plate, aluminum plate, stainless steel, copper plate, etc.


Models Available:

Non standard models available, customized according to work piece material, size, spinning request.

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