Plate Bending

Our plate bending machine are among the best engineered plate rolling machines on the market today. Our 3 Plate Roll benders come in many design options, built for the work you do. From hydraulic three roll double pinch, 3 roll single pinch, as well as fully powered and manually powered light guage steel plate rolls, Abk machinery’s high grade, superiorly engineered plate bending rolls are sure to get the job done right.

A plate rolling machine is a machine that will roll different kinds of metal sheet into a round or conical shape. It can be also called a "roll bending machine”, "plate bending machine” or "rolling machine”.

There are different kinds of technology to roll the metal plate:
  • Four-roller machines have a top roll, the pinching roll, and two side rolls.
The flat metal plate is placed in the machine on either side and "pre-bent" on the same side. The side rolls do the work of bending. The pinching roll holds the plate.
  • Three-roller machines (variable pitch aka variable geometry) have one pressing top roll and two pressing side rolls.
The three-roll variable pitch works by having all three rolls able to move and tilt. The top roll moves in the vertical plane and the side rolls move on the horizontal plane. When rolling, the top roll presses the metal plate between the two side rolls. The advantage of having the variable three roll is the ability to roll many thicknesses and diameters of cylinders.

Plate rolling machine, also known as roll bending machine, is a kind of rolling equipment suitable for rolling different kinds of metal sheets into round or conical shape. It can be extensively used to furnace boiler production, shipbuilding, petroleum and chemical industry and other machine manufacturing industries. The plate bending machine is specially applied to marine and storage tank construction (stationary storage tanks, reactor tanks, mobile tanks for road and rail), boiler and heat exchanger production, and bending work on reactor assemblies. The rolling machine can be also used in steel structures (section bending, pipe construction, cone and dome), automotive industry and steel structures for platforms, wind turbines, shipyards (from bending ship hulls to production of submarine hulls). In addition to this plate bending machine, we also provide profile bending machine, cut-to-length line, leveling machine, shearing machine, press brake, etc.

Features of Plate Rolling Machine

Due to the adoption of plastic bending, plate forming machine features accurate forming, complete bending and high efficiency during the working process.
The cost of this plate bending machine is less than hydraulic machine.
Our rolling machines can form different shapes without mould. Therefore, it can decrease operating cost.
There are still some auxiliary devices that can roll the plate into cone shape. This type of plate forming machine can be used to roll tubes, pipes, section bars, and so on.

Our products have obtained CE certification. There are five products that have national patented technology: roll bending machine for the tower of wind turbine generator, rolled beam, oil and gas pipe rolling machine, the product discharging device, a special plate bending machine for long and thin pipes.