Plate Folder

We are a world-wide industry leading source for sheet metal folders and metal bending machines. Metal folders from ABK Machinery offer convenient, flexible, and efficient ways to bend sheet metal into various forms.

We provide high-performance, automated metal folding solutions for companies looking to reduce costs with an environmentally friendly approach. Our machines are electromechanical, do not use oil, and use power only when operating – thus reducing maintenance and electricity costs.

Advantages of Sheet Metal Folders

Ergonomics: Our different back gauge systems feature automatic stop units and support heavy material during the metal bending process so the operator doesn’t have to — reducing the risk of injury.
Fast Setup: Our flexible software allows for remote offline programming and our universal tooling system eliminates long tool set-ups for operators.
No Marks or Scratches: During the metal bending process, our machines won’t leave marks on even the most sensitive material such as stainless steel.
Quick Tool Changes: With the Combi beam, our metal folding and bending machines can automatically change between straight and box tools within a few seconds.
Low Tooling Cost: One set of universal tooling purchased with the machine will last the lifetime of the metal folder.
Easy and Logical Programming: Our control system automatically calculates the folding sequence, selects the best tools for selected profiles, and detects collisions.