Profile Stretch Bending Machine

The profile stretch bending machine is a special equipment for bending the profile. It can be divided into rotary bending machine and double-arm bending machine and various special bending machines for shower room, stretch forming machine for train top beam, and special bending machine for elevator. The Profile Stretch Bending Machine is fully hydraulically controlled, which is easy to operate and has high production efficiency. It can cold-bend all kinds of steel pipes, square pipes, H-beams, I-beams, channel steels, angle irons, flat irons and aluminum profiles with a section below 500mm. After bending, the arc shape is perfect, the precision is high, the stability is good, and the type is unchanged.


1. Stretch forming machine materials that have been sprayed, plated, polished, brushed, etc. can be bent directly without damaging the surface of the material.

2. Cavities, complex sections of profiles can be formed at one time. Profile Stretch Bending Machine With the relative bending radius allowed, the inner wall will not wrinkle and the cross section will not be distorted.

3. The bending can effectively eliminate the residual stress inside the material, and the dimensional stability of the product is good.

4. Stretch forming machine due to the cold work hardening of the metal material, the material can be improved to improve the overall mechanical properties of the material.

5. The maximum length of one molding can reach 12 meters. For projects requiring longer arc length, the installation efficiency can be improved, installation cost can be reduced, materials can be saved, and engineering quality can be improved.

6. The bend radius is not limited where material mechanical properties (elongation) allow.


Models Available:

Non standard models available, customized according to profile size, material and bending radius.

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